2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SE

Mileage: 58569
Type: Van
Title: IL Salvage N110
Product Code/VIN: 2C4RDGBGXER238112

Manufacturer: Dodge

Stock Level: 1

Price: $5,495.00


Repairables Plus Auto LLC
723 Commerce St, Holmen WI 54636
☎ (608)406-4006


2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SE with only 58K Miles.  This rebuilder runs and should road drive, the airbags were not deployed and the radiator is holding!

3.6L 6-cylinder front-wheel drive with an automatic transmission

Air conditioning, AM/FM CD, DVD player, cruise, power windows and power locks.

Other Info:
This vehicle was owned by a non-smoker, it has about 75% remaining tread on the tires.

Vehicle was hit in the right front. As far as major parts, it needs a front bumper cover, grille, radiator support, AC condensor, hood, wheel, right headlight and right fender.  You will need to repair the right front door.  This van came in very clean.  We try to take photos of minor blemishes, so please review them.

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